Three of the Last WWII Screaming Eagles

Three of the Last WWII Screaming Eagles

WWII Beyond the Call is proud to partner with Dutch Army Veteran, LTC Jos Groen, in producing a documentary A Rendezvous With Destiny, based on his book, Three of the Last WWII Screaming Eagles.

We are also pleased to announce that 100% of all sales from his book benefit our passion of keeping our WWII Veterans legacies alive.

When you purchase a copy of Three of the Last WWII Screaming Eagles, you will be able to read the stories of our heroes in their own words and support our mission.

The stories of war in their own words.

Jim Martin, WWII Veteran
Dan McBride, WWII Veteran
Dick Klein, WWII Veteran

Three of the Last WWII Screaming Eagles offers powerful and intense insights into the war experiences of three combat veterans in WWII. Jim “Pee Wee” Martin, Dick Klein, and Dan McBride, all served in the 101st Airborne Division.

These Screaming Eagles exclusively share in their own words, the accounts of their deadly battles, as well as the demanding training encountered by the paratroopers in WWII. Many details of their stories have never been published!

This book covers their harrowing airborne jumps into Normandy before D-Day and the Netherlands for Operation Market Garden, as well as as their final major battle in Belgium during the epic fighting and brutal winter during the Battle of the Bulge.

Three of the Last WWII Screaming Eagles also provides a glimpse  into the lives of these men before the war. This book is priceless to any historian or person interested in the history of WWII and the 101st Airborne Division due to the first hand interviews of these men.

WORLD PREMIERE MAY 29th, 2021, at the National Veterans Memorial and Museum

LTC Jos Groen has done us a favor and an honor by capturing in their own words the experiences in combat of Jim “PeeWee” Martin, Dick Klein and Dan McBride — veterans of the Screaming Eagles, the 101st Airborne Division.

Joseph L. Galloway

Co-Author: We Were Soldiers Once…And Young, We Are Soldiers Still