Beyond the Call


Beyond the Call believes visual storytelling is a powerful tool for education and understanding. It can bring change to the world around us today and tomorrow. We've also discovered it can heal old wounds and restore happiness in people's lives.

By documenting the first-hand accounts of our WWII Veterans and compiling them into beautiful visual stories, we ensure that their sacrifices are never forgotten. It's one small way we can honor their legacies and remind others the high cost for freedom.

We are a proud 501c3 non-profit organization that runs 100% on volunteers who all share the same goal in honoring and preserving the history of our Greatest Generation.

Our Mission


We are a 501c3 non-profit organization comprised of an all volunteer force. All of our team members are passionate about World War II Veterans and donate their time to ensure these stories are captured.

100% of the funds we raise goes directly to making these priceless documentaries as well as providing direct benefits to the veterans themselves.


WWII Beyond the Call takes a unique approach in serving our veterans. Besides documenting and sharing their stories, we build long-term relationships with these men and women. We will always care for and treat them with dignity and respect.

  • We treat ALL veterans with the upmost respect.
  • We care for and provide support to our veterans.
  • We honor their time and sacrifices.

Meet the Beyond the Call Team

Tracie Hunter

Tracie Hunter, Founder & Executive Producer

Tracie Hunter is an Emmy-Award winning documentary filmmaker and proud daughter of a US Army Officer.

Growing up as a military child, she was eager to learn about her grandfather's incredible story of survival during WWII. Her journey to document his legacy led her to meet some of the most incredible veterans, including other survivors of his POW camp.

After hearing their stories, Tracie knew she had to do her part to help keep every veteran's story alive. She founded Beyond the Call to honor the World War II generation and ensure their legacies are never forgotten. Her hope is that future generations will remember their sacrifices for years to come.

Elizabeth Suter

Elizabeth Suter, Vice President & Executive Producer

Elizabeth Suter is a videographer and producer who has worked with major international broadcast networks and non-profit organizations.

Her journey with Beyond the Call began when she encountered Tracie's passion for preserving the stories of veterans. Because Elizabeth's grandfather and uncles served in WWII, and her father and brother also served in the military, she understood the importance of documenting the legacies of these men.

Elizabeth's desire is to honor the Greatest Generation by sharing their stories so others might learn from these past experiences and leave the world better than we found it.

Ashley Andrews

Ashley Andrews, Producer

Ashley Andrews comes from a long line of military family members who served our country, taking their rightful place as heroes in her world.

Sadly she never learned many of their stories — what they sacrificed and lost, what they survived and carried home, who they served with, or who they buried. So her hope is the memories we capture and preserve through Beyond the Call will pay tribute to her family and to all who served. She believes their lives are worth honoring and remembering.

Ashley is proud to support our mission. She does this for the soldiers she is privileged to know, for the ones she has yet to meet, and for the ones whose stories may never be heard. Thank you all for your courage.

James Dalman

James Dalman, Advisor

James Dalman is a digital entrepreneur, marketing expert, and US Army Veteran who served in the 95th and 45th Infantry Divisions.

His sincere appreciation for freedom and veterans was deepened by his Dutch grandparents service in World War II, their liberation by the 101st Airborne and Allied Forces in Operation Market Garden, and by his own father's military service in the US Army.

James has invested many years building relationships with WWII Veterans and learning their stories. He's extremely passionate about keeping their incredible history and sacrifices alive by partnering with Beyond the Call.

Keith Kohler

Keith Kohler

Director of Development

Hannah Counter

Hannah Counter

Board Member

Anne Marshall

Anne Marshall

Board Member


Nick Martinolich

Editor and Producer